The revolutionary 2020 #EndSARS  Movement might have started from the protest in Delta state and these tweets below but it has been a build-up of what has been happening over the years in Nigeria.

In 1992, The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a tactical Police Unit was set up to fight criminals and violence. They were initially formed to act as faceless security, needing no uniforms but operating just like the average Nigerian on the streets. However, things began to take different turns as they started to gain more authority and autonomy, a number of them seemingly began to operate outside their job description. This is following brutal killings and robberies attached to their operations in different cities of the country. Their unwarranted harassment of young Nigerians soon became torture, more so, an unbearable one.

Since the protest began in the month of October, over ₦100M was donated, and significant changes have been made. 

But despite all that has happened, it’s easy to get lost all in the information that’s flying around and lose a sense of progress when activities aren’t properly tracked. That’s what birthed this project. Using words, images and tweets, we’d document the activities of the #EndSARS movement. 

We look at what happened every day since the protests began. We look at the ways people showed up, the stories of victims, how funds were raised, the meaningful changes that happened and of course, the funny incidents. 

How to Navigate

To see what happened on a particular day, click on the date below to see what happened that day. E.g. Click on the Day 1 – 7th to see what happened on the 7th of October 2020.

Timeline of Activities in October, 2020

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Day 7-13thDay 8 – 14thDay 9 – 15thDay 10 – 16thDay 11 – 17thDay 12 – 18thDay 13 – 19th
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How can you help?

  • While you’re reading through, please help spot out any incorrect or incomplete information. There are often many valid angles to these stories and we want to get it right.
  • Share this with other people. There’s a lot of information flying around, too much info that it can be overwhelming, misleading or give a false sense that the movement was just going in circles.
  • Volunteer to help document the activities of a particular day. Help to contribute or verify information on what happened on a particular day. You can use Twitter’s advanced search feature, what you can remember or any other credible sources. Reach out to @danieltadeyemi

Need help?

Visit this link to learn more from the End SARS Response team.