End Sars Dairy: Day 3 – 9th October


It’s Day 3, and the momentum is rising. More people are beginning to show up for the different protests happening in various states in the country.


The people in Ibadan, Oyo State, are not relenting as they are out on the street protesting for their right to live. Ibadan, just like many cities in the country, is filled with young men and women of different ages with stories of police brutality and extortion spanning years. These protests have given a number of them an outlet to air their grievances, and hope that the brutality would all end so they can live a life without fear in their country.


The momentum in the Lagos protests have increased tremendously, yet there has been no response from the right authorities addressing the issues. People in different parts of Lagos took to the streets to protest the menace they have faced, directly or indirectly – SARS.

A crowd of Yoruba women matched for the campaign in an unidentified part of Lagos. They walked with placards demonstrating their plight to the general public.

Spirits were high on this day as more people and celebrities took to the streets of Lagos. The popular Lagos musician- Small Doctor brought his crowd of supporters from Agege to join other protesters in Ikeja.

The protests didn’t deter the young people from cleaning up after themselves. There were groups of people cleaning up while the protest was on as by this time, food vendors had started giving out food and drinks to sustain protesters in Lagos.

And they were ready to persist until the government hears them.

The first group of protesters who protested non-stop for 72 hours even in the face of police intimidation transferred the baton to the next set of protesters who were ready to continue lending their voices to the cause. The youth are fed up with the state of things, and they are ready to peacefully protest until something substantial is done.


Protesters in Abuja reported police intimidation that varied from the shooting of live rounds to tear gas. However, this level of violence by the Police, who are sworn to protect its citizens, did not deter the people from their goal- Stopping police brutality on all fronts.

Foreigners weigh in

Even foreigners have stories to tell about police brutality in Nigeria.

Delta State

Just like yesterday, the protesters in Delta state were met with varying degrees of violence by the Police.

The Nigerian Police also have their own side of the story.

The first ‘response’ from the President

When Fear loses it’s meaning

Anger mixed with helplessness and the sudden realization that their voices should be heard, Nigerian youths started gaining the strength to stand up to law enforcement agencies.


Throwback to ‘86 Protest


SARS Victim Story

The day at a glance

Milestones3 days protest comes to an end with no tangible response
Number of Protests6
Deaths & InjuriesUnknown