End Sars Diary: Day 1 – 7th October


The first protests took place in Delta State on the 4th of October but let’s just call today, October 7th, Day 1. Runtown’s protest is slated for the 8th but Rinu, a vibrant youth activist & other young people around Nigeria took out to the streets to protest on today. Here’s how are the protests went as represented by Tweets.

Osun state

Edo State

One of the most interesting things about the protest in Edo State is the fact that they paid an early visit to their monarch, Oba’s palace, in Benin City, the state capital. One can easily take this gesture as a sign of respect, ultimately showing that they come in peace.


Lagos state

The success of the Lagos protest was mostly influenced by the sweep of celebrities who took part in the movement. However, this didn’t happen until some-not so popular- people took to the streets to demonstrate.



Initial reactions from Senate

The senate was swift to reply, thinking it’s business as usual.

As second in line for succession to the Nigerian presidency, the Senate president stood against the movement to scrap SARS from the onset. His stance felt really usually because, as a representative of the people, your job is to listen and be rational, especially when it’s about issues of national security.

Well, well, the senate president wrapped that up nicely.

SARS Victim Story

There are thousands of people with diverse encounters with SARS and unfortunately during the cause of this protest, none of these encounters was positive.

Gearing Up: Thursday Is Thursday

In gearing up for the protest, Musician, Runtown seemed to have had it up to here with his colleague, Naira Marley’s sudden back down from the movement so he was determined to walk his talk.

The initial protest was announced by Naira Marley and with his sea of fans, Nigerians were hopeful for a massive turn out but he suddenly backed down when the Police offered him a listening ear on ‘Social Media.’

“We are not out to cause trouble.” Musician, Falz was also ready to hit the streets.

The day at a glance

Milestones Protests happen
Number of Protests3
Deaths & Injuries0

Timeline of Activities in the month of October

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