End Sars Diary: Day 14 – 20th October


Today will go down as the day the entire world witnessed the massacre of innocent lives in different parts of the country. Day 14 of the protest started just like every day would; with people stating the different areas where the various protests will take place. However, just like the day before, peaceful protesters had to make several announcements halting protests in multiple areas and denouncing the places where thugs had taken over.

Lagos: Former Governor of Lagos speak on the protest.

The night before, the former governor of Lagos State took to Twitter to plead with protesters to halt their protests stating that their pleas have been heard by the government. Some might believe he only came out to do this because the Lekki Toll Gate had not made revenue since the protests started. However, his pleas fell on deaf ears as the youth have no trust in the government, and they required them to actively carry out several steps in curbing police brutality- which they didn’t. The people were aggrieved that the government spent more time talking and creating panels than actually working – so they decided to remain on the street until then.

Quote to lift protesters, after day 13 of sour protest.


The protesters in the country’s capital, Abuja, have had their fair share of brutality by both the police and paid thugs, and today was not any different. Reports showed multiple paid thugs moving towards areas where the protests were expected to happen with violent intent to harm both people and property. There were quite a number of casualties and property loss reported at the end of the day.


By 7 am today, messages halting protests in several Lagos hot zones were already in circulation, as reports that thugs would take over said areas came in earlier.

Orile Lagos

Hoodlums set the police station in Orile Iganmu on fire in the early hours of the morning, causing massive unrest in the area.


Port Harcourt

The protests carried on in places like Port Harcourt peacefully.


Youths in Umuahia took to the streets for the third time since the nationwide protests started to protest against police brutality and the rogue police unit, popularly known as SARS.


Lagos: EndSars and End Unemployment

A food for thought


In the news: Lagos govt imposes curfew

In the wake of the unrest caused by thugs in different parts of the state, the Lagos state government decided to impose a 24-hour curfew on its citizens in a bid to curb said unrest.

Ekiti follows cue

Just like Lagos imposed a curfew, the Ekiti State government followed suit to impose a 24-hour curfew.


There was unrest in different areas in Ibadan, and this resulted in the loss of lives.

Lekki Billboard goes off

In the wake of the curfew imposed by the government, the Lekki billboard, which is usually on 24/7 went off.


Jos protest infiltrated 

The Jos protests were hijacked by hoodlums, who decided to wreak havoc across different parts of the town.


Police Bans protest in Lagos

Protesters protesting despite the imposed curfew

Despite the curfew, protesters in the Lekki tollgate environs decided to remain in solidarity. They decided to have a sit-in, which is not against the law to have. Reports from people on the grounds of the protest showed everyone in high spirits singing the national anthem and waving the Flag.

Protesters at Lekki toll being shot at

As darkness came, the situation at the Lekki toll gate changed drastically. Live reports show that the Nigerian Army shot at peaceful protesters who were exercising their right to protest. Nigerians at home watched in real-time via the Instagram Live of different protesters( DJ Switch and others) as the military shot live rounds at the crowd from different angles. People helplessly watched as several of their brothers and sisters took their last breath in real-time.


Hours before what is now known as the Lekki massacre, onlookers saw employees of the LCC taking down CCTV cameras on their employers’ instructions.


Reports showed that the soldiers didn’t let up with their shooting, and on-ground protesters reported that the soldiers carried some bodies of dead protesters.


The Nigerian Army denies responsibility for shooting at Protesters at Lekki Tollgate

Despite the evidence against the Nigerian army, they still went ahead to debunk involvement in the killing of its citizens.

No words from the president

The news of the military massacre has traveled to all parts of the world, as a number of people in different locations were tuned in to Instagram Live. Even with the international coverage, there has been no word from the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


While Campaigning to enter office

Buhari had a lot of things to say when he was campaigning, and evidence will show that they were all just words.