Ends SARS Diary: Day 16 – 22nd October


It’s been over two weeks of the end SARS protests. Despite the fact that the government has ‘replied’, this whole #EndSARS movement has always been straightforward. Nigerians have asked that the government responded differently this time. Differently meaning: What’s the action plan for the meeting the demands of the people? Who is responsible for implementing these? What’s the timeline for implementation?

Well, let’s see how today goes

Fundraising for the Family Oke, who died Yesterday

Along with losing Oke, his family lost every other thing. Their house in Lagos Nigeria was vandalized and set on fire. They have almost nothing left.

The Governor does a live Q & A on the Lekki Shooting

It’s a long but insightful conversation.


Where’s the President?

We’re still expecting an address from the President.

Ogun state makes progress

The Ogun state government is already prosecuting police officers responsible for killings and other misbehaviours.

Fact-checking stories before sharing is important!

Army says the videos of the Lekki Massacre were ‘Photoshoped’


‘Hoarded’ COVID-19 Palliatives found


The Ikoyi Prison is set on fire but this time unlike in Benin, the story is different. They don’t escape.

Thugs looted the mall


SPAR is also looted

The palace of the Oba of Lagos is not left out


Government’s Response

Mr. Jubril is the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor of Lagos State on New Media

The government says the palliatives were recently received and were to be shared.

More response from the government as the President addresses the nation

A 12-minute Pre-recorded video

Thoughts on the speech